In case of emergency, what do you depend on?  

There is a story in the Aesops Fables.

A fox and a cat encounteredin a mountain.  The fox asked the cat how many hiding places do you have in case yourenemy attack you?  The cat replied that only one place. The fox said you must be a fool.  What are you goingto do with only one hiding place.  I have many hiding places, and the fox laughed at him.  Quickly after, 5 hunting dogs came running after them.  The cat climbed up the tree swiftly, which was his only hiding place.As the cat looked under the tree, he found the fox dead.  What hadhappened?  The fox was attacked by those hunting dogs while he was trying to decide which hiding place he should run to.

In case of emergency, what do you depend on?  As we think of different places to hide, we maalso make the same mistake as the fox did.  Having different places to hide may really mean that none of those places are perfectly safe.  If we have thesun light, then why do we need to turn on thelight?

In the Bible, it says God is our refuge and strength, an ever presenthelp in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear,(Psalm 46:1-2).

There is God who created our lives and rules us, and even in the time of trouble, we know that in all things God works for the good. Believing only in true Godsecuresus peace and the safest way.  Why dont you set your mind in him?


Masao Nakanishi  

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牧師 中 西 正 夫

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Even if we forget him

Even if we forget him

The year of 2020 has come.  Many Japanese have gone to temples and shrines on the new year day to make wishes for the coming year.  They make wishes that the coming year would be prosperous. 

Even though most of Japanese have no religion, yet many would visit temples and shrines on the new year day.  Some may report to gods, such as “passed the college entrance examination”, and others may report for their marriage.  Yet, how much they think about god during a year.  Probably not much.  Does the relationship between human and god only exist for asking a favor and answering it?

According to the bible, God created the whole universe and rules it.  He is a global, or a universal being.  We do not need to visit any fixed place to meet him.  We can talk to him in prayer anywhere we wish.  Of course, we pray at the church, but we can also pray on a street or anywhere we wish.  We do not need to report to God for anything.  He even already knows the number of hairs we have.  In fact, he knows our needs, even before we pray.  He feeds birds around the world, and decorates countless flowers beautifully.  We are created in his image.  Since we are the most valuable creature on earth, he cares for us much more than other creatures.  We sometimes forget him due to our busy daily life, yet he never forgets.  He remembers us 24 hours a day, cares for any slightest thing, and wishes to have a conversation with us.  Where can we find such a great God?

It is sad to know that people worship gods which are made by human hands, and forget the real creator.  Yet even if we forget him, he remembers us.  Let me share words of Christ here.  “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  (Matthew 6:33)” 

I have been believing in God who is described in the bible.  I have asked many things to him, yet not everything has been given.  However, he knows what the best for me, and fulfills all my needs.  I never have to worry for my life.  He promises me that he always fulfills my needs.  Who do you believe in?  God who created you has been knocking on the door of your heart, and calling you.

Kenshiro Goto Youth Pastor

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