The current situation is not the end in your life

The current situation is not the end in your life

As the COVID-19 continues to overwhelm our life, we sometimes wonder if this condition might never end.  As the society may feel this way, you as an individual may also be tied up with such negative thoughts.  Yet, one thing I want you to know is that although you may feel you are in a helpless situation, “the current situation is not the end in your life.”  Almighty God who gave your life on your birthday, has the keys to your life and full of blessings.

A man called Moses is described in the Bible.  Mysteriously, he was born as a Jew, yet until he was 40, he was raised as a prince of Egypt.  One day, he felt sorry for his people who were suffering with slavery, he tried to free them.  But, he failed.  He then became a murder, and he fled to wilderness and hid for 40 years, working as a shepherd.  He probably thought that his life would end as it was.  However, God started to use him to deliver his people at the age of 80.  How wonderous it is! The important things are;

1.    He found God.

He sympathized his people, so he used his own knowledge and his own will to do free them, yet he failed.  Without God’s presence, you also may feel that there is something missing in you.

2.    God gives you a mission.

God had a mission other than Moses being a shepherd.  God also has mission for you to accomplish in your life.

3.    God provides difficulties in order for you to complete your mission.

Without the knowledge of life in wilderness, how could he lead a large number of his people from the metropolitan city in Egypt to the promised land?  When we think of that, the 40 years of his life in wilderness had an important purpose to accomplish the mission.

The current situation is not the end in your life.  Please find God who is ready to bless you fully.

Senior PastorMasao Nakanishi

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今があなたの人生の全てではないのです!どうぞあなたの創造者であり、祝福される神様をお知りください。         牧師 中 西 正 夫

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The beginning is important!

The beginning is important!

Due to the COVID-19, the number of bulling is increasing.  Especially at the beginning for a school term, and also cases for much younger population has been increasing.  Many of us may worry that either our family members or ourselves might fall into such situation.  The schools teach that bullying is wrong, yet such words do not reach to people.  What should we do?

Yukichi Fukuzawa, famous for being printed on a 10,000 Yen bill, is the author of “Gakumon no susume (academic recommendations)”.  Recently, I found that he also wrote a book called “Hibino oshie (daily teaching)”, a book for his sons.  The original book was written mostly in Hiragana letters.  Some of his teachings say “fear the heaven, respect it, and follow it… The heaven I mention is the Creator.  In Western world, they call him God.”  (“The samurais who read the Bible, by Yoshimasa Moribe)

Fukuzawa himself was not a Christian, but he had friends who were missionaries, and used the Bible as his reference.  In the Bible, it says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. (Proverbs 1:7).”  He probably wanted to teach this to his children.

When we know the existence of God who created the world and learn to fear Him, our life will change.  You will know that God created not only you, but your neighbors.  By knowing that, bullying would disappear, and stating to respect others.  And this is the first thing we should learn.  Without God, there is no solution to this problem.

Within the family members of Yukichi Fukuzawa, three children and many grandchildren became Christians.  Whatever we learn when we were young, would make differences in later life.  For myself, I want to teach my children the teaching of the Bible, and hope they would become adults who respect others.  I wish children and youth to find how wonderful the Bible teachings are.

Youth Pastor  Kenshiro Goto

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