The hitting rate of an anxious thought is 1%

Most of us are anxious minded people.  How about you?  We worry about our health, about our job, and about our family.  There are so many reasons for our worries.  And the difficult part is that the reasons for worrying appear one after another, negatively affecting our mind and body.  Of course, no one wishes to be worried, yet the reality is that we have no choice but to worry.  Is there anything we can do?  A French philosopher and a political activist, Montaigne said I was anxious that the life was full ofdevastations.  However those devastations did not occur.  The hitting rate of an anxious mind was only 1 %. (Les Essais)

Truly, it is a wisemanstatement.  We should keep that in our heart.  Yet, those who have anxious mind might say that what if the 1% becomes reality.  Thisisthe particular characteristic of anxious people.  However, what if there was God who can turn the worst reality into the most blessing opportunity.  That would be the best news for us.  And, Yes.There is God. God who created us and rule all of His Creation, tells us through the Bible.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, (Romans 8:28 (NIV)

We, human have the limits to what we can do and know, yet we have loving God who created us promisesall things will work for the good.  It is such an encouraging truth.  I invite you to accept God intoyour life, and relieved from all worries.

Masao Nakanishi

Senior Pastor

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196回 2018年8月のメッセージ「心配事の的中率は1%」中西正夫牧師 音声で聴く。

8月メッセージ 「心配事の的中率は1%」

私達は誰もが「心配性」ではないかと思うのですが、あなたはいかがですか? 体のこと、仕事のこと、家庭のこと…次々と心配の種がでてきます。やっかいなのはその心配事が芋蔓式に次の心配をしてしまい、心と体に大変悪い状態を作るのです。勿論、誰も好きこのんで心配などしたくないわけですが、心配せずにはおれない現実です。 何とかできないでしょうか?しかし、フランスの思想家政治活動家モンテーニュという人がこう言っています。


正に経験者語る、の告白ですね。心に留めておきたいものです。それでも1%の心配事の的中率を心配するのが心配性の特徴です。そのために不安を抱くわけです。 しかし、どうでしょう。もし最悪の現実になったとしても、その最悪でさえへ祝福に変える御方がいるとしたら…それは正に朗報でしょう。そんなお方がいるのでしょうか。はい、おられるのです。私達を造り、万物を治めておられる愛と全能の神が聖書を通して次のように語られます。


人間の力では思い方をどうこうできるのにも限界がありますが、全ての創造者である愛の神が「万事を益に変える」と言われるのですから、これは心強いことなのです。 ぜひあなたも神を信じる人生を知り、心配性から解放されませんか?

牧師 中 西 正 夫
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The apple of my eye

Last month, I had my first child (a son).  He was delivered earlier than the due date, but I was able to witness his birth.  Finally, I have become a “father.”  And as becoming a father, there are many things I find for the first time.

Already, I am suffering with him crying in the night.  My wife and I take turn dandling him, yet he does not let us sleep.  Because of him, we become busy, and have no time to tidy up our house.  Having a son costs money and it is tiring.  But, his sleeping face comforts us, and makes us wanting to protect him.

By the way, will you be surprised if I tell you that you also have someone who feels the same to you? According to the Bible, we do not exist by chance. We are designed and created by God. Just like parents watch over their children, God cares for you and watches over you.  Jesus Christ called God as “Father.” God is not someone who is unknown, nor existing far away from you. He has own personality, and is very much interested in you. Through your prayers, you can have a conversation with Him. And you can call your creator as your “daddy.”

When we talk about a father, we usually image our own.  In my case, my father was short tempered and a difficult person to be close to.  So, for many years, I also imagined God was the same as my father.  But through the Bible, I have learnt that the Father was quite different.  Not only He is affectionate, Himself is Love, with full of mercy and blessings.  Knowing this provided me with peacefulness.

In modern time, there are many children who desperately wanting to be accepted and loved by their own parents.  However, we do not need to try to be loved by our heavenly Father.  My son does not need to try to be loved by me.  I love him by just only watching him breathing.  That is enough for me to love him. 

There is a script in the Bible. “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! (Isaiah 49:15)” (NIV)

A mother never forgets her own child. Even if she forgets, God will never forget you. I want you to know that there is such God that exists and you are loved by Him. May God bless you.

Youth Pastor  Kenshiro Goto

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