Changing the death to life

Changingthe death to life

The Easter message, April 2019

There is a famous novelist, Souseki Natsume who is known among most Japanese.  His famous works are Botchan and Wagahai ha neko dearu (I am a CAT).” He is a novelist with full of wits and humor.  When he was 48 years old, he lost his beloved daughter.  He wrote this in his diary.

The last night was her memorial service, and today is the funeral.  So tomorrow, we will collect her bones so busy.  However all these effort mean nothing.  If we could not change death to life, everything we do is meaningless.  How regretful it is!

Instead of being a famous novelist, we see him as a father who feels sorrow and grief.  And the diary clearly expresses feelings which we also sympathize.  The death is the most sad and helpless thing in our life.

However when we read the Bible, we find the words of Jesus Christ who can change the death to life which Souseki Natsume grieved and hoped for.  

I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies. (John 11:25, NIV)

It is such a surprising word, but Jesus himself had conqueredthe death and being resurrected.  You may say it is unbelievable, and your reaction is normal.  Even the disciples of Jesus themselves could not believe it then.  Yet they witnessed Jesus resurrection and physically touched him.  This changed them, and started to spread the resurrection of Christ with confidence, even being killed for it.  If this was just a fake story, the Christianity never prevailed as now, and disappeared much earlier in the history.  Jesus is the one who has the authority to change the death to life.

I have been a pastor for over 40 years, and had stood by at the moment of death many times.  There is a great difference if a person has a hope for the eternal life or not.  I invite you to a church, and find out the thing that changes the death to life, and find a peace in your life.

Senior Pastor 

Masao Nakanishi

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第204回 2019年3月のメッセージ「死を生に変えるもの」中西正夫牧師音声で聴く。








牧師 中西正夫

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March 2019 Monthly message “A Joy of Being Forgiveness” Kenshiro Goto

A joy of being forgiven

Many of us suffer from feeling of guilt.  Those sins and mistakes we made in the past take over and overwhelm us.  However, there is no need for letting our future ruined by those mistakes we made in the past.  God prepares us for a new start.

Last month, I sent my car to a body shop for repair.  A few months ago, I bumped my car and made scratches.  The shop lent me a substitute carwhile it was repaired.  At that time, I submitted my name, address and contact number.  However, the bottom of the substitute car was bit lower than my own, and I damaged the lower part of the door.  They had lent me the car, so that I could have something to drive while being repaired.  But, I ended up damaging the substitute car.

The next day, I received a call that the repair was done.  I was really feelingdown, as I started to think about returning the substitute car back to them.  (I know it is embarrassing to say,) but because of the damaged part was where people could not easily see, I could just be quiet and not letting them know about it.  I was sure that they would never find the damaged part.  However, my conscience was hurting.  But, who knows how much extra I might have to pay.

I really wanted to keep it secret, but knowing that intentionally deceiving them, I would never receive Gods blessing.  So, I made up my mind that I was going to be honest about it.  So, I prayed.  Soonafter, I felt peacefulness.  Yet as the shop got closer, again I became anxious.  So, I prayed again.

After receiving my repaired car back,honestly explained about what had happened.  To be honest with you, I have damaged the substitute car.  I apologize for that, and am willing to pay for the damage.  The shop clerk told me with his smile.  Dont worry about it.  Its my car.  There are so many scratchesmarks, anyway.  I was amazed.

What a miracle!  He had forgiven me without any hesitation.  Id never thought that the car was his.  I was in the potion that I could not say anything if he decided to charge me.  How merciful he was!  I felt warm inside my heart.

This shop clerk really resembles of God.  What kind of images do you have for God?  In the Bible it says;

He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Proverbs 28:13 (NIV)

For many years, I had misunderstood God.  I had images of getting angry quickly, and fearful.  However, the reality is the opposite.  He is full of mercy and blessing.  Christ came not to judge us, but to save us.  The cross placed on top our church-roof is the symbol of love and forgiveness.  I truly wish that you will find a joy in Him.

Youth PastorKenshiroGoto

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