Maker of Nature

In August, a lot of people spend the summer vacation in nature. We see deep blue sky, white thunderhead, a long horizon, innumerable stars and beautiful flowers. All of these are like an oasis and give a healing moment to us who live in a stressful society.

When I was little, I thought the sun, the earth and the moon were there from the beginning. When I became a junior high school student, I was taught the universe was born by an explosion called the big bang. When I was a high school student, I came to know the Bible and was taught the universe was made by God the Creator, not born by accident. But I thought what the Bible said was a kind of myth when I first read it. However, I also thought the nature was so excellent that it couldn’t be explained by a mere explosion.  

Years later, I read a thesis of Kazuo Murakami, an authority on genetic engineering at the University of Tsukuba. It was a real eye-opener to me. He says, “When I saw the works beyond human power in cells and genes, I was amazed. At least I realize living things were not born without a being beyond the power or works of man.”

I mean even the modern science anticipates the maker of nature. And the Bible claims as follows:In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

This is the origin of the universe. We mustn’t mistake it. It is similar to buttoning up your shirt. If you make a mistake at first, you can’t wear it properly. There seems to be a thing we have to admit at first in our life. God is the beginning, not man. Replacing the main character of the beginning seems to bring the cause of modern problems. I recommend you to receive God the Creator of your life and start a new life with Him.

Senior Pastor  Masao Nakanishi

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Seek Till You Get It

Several months ago, my wife lost her keys and returned home. So I went out to look for them with her because she lost all her keys along with the key of our home. We searched the platforms of stations, the stairs, and all the roads she walked, but we didn’t find them out. Then, another problem occurred. On the way to her workplace, she also lost the tickets of train. Now she lost two of her belongings!   

Buwe didn’t give up searching. Fortunately, our efforts were rewarded, and we found the keys at her workplace. Now to the train tickets. Even though she bought them, if they wouldn’t be found, she had to pay for them again. So we searched them eagerly. After all, we knew a kind person delivered them to a station attendant and she went to the terminal station to take them. Although we felt impatient, both of the things she lost finally came back to us! 

The Bible says,“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)It also says, “For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” These are famous words Jesus said. You may have heard them before.I have been encouraged by this words and also experienced it many times. When I kept seeking something, God provided it to me.

Some may think it is doubtful. It isn’t natural to think we can easily get anything we want in real life. But the Bible says, “Keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking!”In other words, you have to seek fervently and continuouslyif you really want to get it. In many cases we may be apt to give up before we get what we seek.  

God is good and merciful. He doesn’t refuse giving you good things. You can believe it will surely be given to you if you really need it. May God bless you.

Youth PastorKenshiroGoto

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