May 2019 monthly message “Seeing through a new 5000 Yen Bill”

Seeing through a new 5000 Yen Bill

New designs of bills were introduce last month.  The person on the 5000 Yen bill will be Umeko Tsuda, a female.  As I searched for the reason of her being selected, I understood the meaning.  Today, a large number of females are advancing in our society, and she had done so much for the women’s rights.

About 150 years ago, at the age of 7 years old, she went to the US for studying.  She met Jesus Christ there, and baptized at her own will.  Her studying went well, and returned back to Japan after 11 years.  Yet, she faced a massive culture shock.  Social status of women was so low that it was a great surprise for her.

With her dream of establishing a school, she returned back to the US for more studying.  Once she returned from her studying, she established “Joshi Eigaku Juku (College of English Studies for women)”.  She was determined to have women receive higher education, and to encourage the social advancement of women. This college is now known as “Tsuda Juku University.”  Now a day, the gender equality and women’s social advancement are normal things, yet she was the one who established the basis of this.  With her contribution, women’s rights became a reality.

What really motivated her?  It is clear that the Bible had influenced her.  Historically, many Christians had established hospitals and related facilities to help with those have handicaps.  And the role model of these efforts is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the son of God had healed many patients and gave hope and the strength to live in the Jewish society at that time. He had touched those who were terminally ill, and sat together with lowered people for having a meal, and spent time with them. He was not some above the clouds. Where ever he went, he became a friend who had no friend.

The Bible says “Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you (Isaiah 43:4, NIV).”  In this world, clever people, beautiful people and people with high ability are admired.  However, God does not look at you in such ways.  Without any condition, you are precious and honored by Him.  You are a unique creation, and God does not make any mistake in creating you.

Who are you going to listen to?  May God bless you.

Youth PastorKenshiro Goto

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第205回 2019年5月のメッセージ「新5,000円札の奥に見えるもの」後藤献四郎伝道師音声で聴く。










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